Create opportunities regardless of where
you are or what life
throws at you.


Become A
Utility Player

In athletics, utility players are able to play multiple positions competently, excelling despite challenges by using their versatility to their advantage. As players have become more and more specialized, strong utility players, with their diverse strengths, have become extremely valuable. The same is true off the field.

Let me show you how to become a utility player in your own life and leverage your experience as an athlete to help you grow in your career!

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on a few panels alongside Marti Reed and I’ve seen first-hand what her passion and energy brings to an audience. She has a unique ability to connect with people, motivate them and empower them to reach their full potential.
— Christine Simmons, COO of the LA Sparks

Train With Marti

As an athlete you’ve worked on your strength, flexibility, stamina and sportsmanship. Our workouts are similar, but our approach off the field training focuses on transferable life skills.

Utility Training Workouts

Designed to build:
➢ Strength of Character
➢ Flexibility in Opportunity
➢ Stamina in Creating Habits
➢ Sportsmanship in Life

To be at the top of your game in life, you must dedicate yourself to daily exercises that will build a positive mindset, develop your network, and give back to your community.




1:1 Utility Training

Private Utility Coaching sessions focus on where you can grow in your life. Just like one-on-one coaching on the field, the personal attention of a private coach helps accelerate growth immensely.

We'll meet regularly either in-person or over the phone to check in on progress, address hurdles, and celebrate victories. Coaching is a minimum 3 month engagement.

Team Training Sessions

I can work with your whole team to explore all of life’s positions, showing how to maximize each of those roles. Together, we design a Utility Training program to help the team excel both on and off the field.

Working closely with your training staff, we can customize the session based on your team’s specific needs. Sessions can be held one-time, or over a series of weeks.


Book Me to Speak

In today's world of elite sports, I bring the broad view of life success.
Previous Events

  • UCLA Athlete Graduation
  • Magic Johnson's TMSP Leadership Conference
  • The LEAP Foundation Conference
  • CSADA (California State Athletic Director's Association) Conference
  • UCLA's Wooden Academy



Praise For Marti

A self starter who is resilient. She’s quick on her feet (literally and figuratively) and a great decision maker under pressure. She understands the importance of patience in a team environment.
— Sue Enquist, Owner, Bruwin Enterprises LLC
Marti’s own personal story of success and achievement is proof of her consistent ability to set ambitious goals and work hard towards achieving them. She is someone who inspires me and who I hope to continue to work with and learn from for many years to come.
— Holly Ransom, Non Executive Director & CEO, Emergent
We love having Marti come present at our Leadership conference over the summer. She delivers engaging, compelling presentations that equip her audience with actionable steps they can immediately implement to improve their life. Marti is a charismatic leader who inspires every person with whom she interacts.
— Charlie Gallagher, Executive Director of the LEAP Foundation



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I’ll follow up with weekly UTILITY CHECKS to remind you to stay connected, focused, and committed to success. Just personal notes from me to you that’s a little inspiring, and a lot useful, when it comes to getting into the right mindset for serious utility playing in life.


About Marti

Marti Reed played softball at UCLA from 2008-2012, where she won a National Championship and graduated with a degree in Sociology. As a coach, national speaker and mentor, she specializes in working with athletes prepare for life outside their game with the same commitment they brought to their sport.


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