I love people who dream big. Most people start out their lives dreaming.  They start with big dreams and big aspirations they believed in so much, you couldn’t even tell them they weren’t going to come true.  When I was a kid I used to think I was going to be the first female MLB player, but people told me I was crazy and I should play softball instead (after watching Mo'ne Davis in the little league world series back in 2014, a girl in the MLB doesn’t seem so crazy after all). The crazy part isn’t the dream…the crazy part is that most people hit a certain age and they stop dreaming. They become complacent, comfortable; they start going through the motions to follow society’s laid out plan without looking up to realize that their life is passing by. I heard someone mention a quote the other day that startled me. I don’t know where it came from, who said it, or if I’m even saying it right….but it went something like this:

Men are dying early, around 22-23 years old but we don’t bury them until they’re 65 and older.

This quote basically reiterates what I’m saying. When you aren’t living for something more, then you’re already dead, and that’s no way to live.  This is not to be confused with feeling like you are nothing or worth nothing without more.  That is not true. I think it is okay to want something more or strive for something greater, but I don’t think it is okay to feel like you are not complete without it. There are two ends of the spectrum here; on one end you have people that are afraid to dream big and to do greater things with their life, and on the other end, there are people who dream big and always look for the next best thing in order to feel a certain way about themselves.  The way you feel about yourself should not be based on outside sources, it should come from within (but that’s another blog post within itself, so let’s shelf that topic).

One of the main reasons why people settle in life is because they get too comfortable with where they are, and they are afraid to take risks. If you think going for your dreams is risky, wait until you see the cost of not going for them! Trust me, if you think trying is risky, the cost of not trying is far worse.  I learned from Jim Rohn, one of the greatest entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, that it’s all risky… your life became risky the day you were born!! Getting married is risky, having children is risky, traveling is risky, investing your money is risky, starting a business is risky, opening your mouth and talking is risky…it’s ALL risky! THE GAG IS:  Life is so risky, no one’s going to get out alive. It’s not about how long you live; it’s about how you live.

The quote I came across yesterday really put this all into perspective for me;

“If you’re not feeling any fear, nerves, doubt and excitement as you move to your next level, then it’s not your next level. It’s another version of your comfort zone.” - Colette Werden.

We’re often tempted to play it safe, stay inside of our comfort zone, and be satisfied with settling for far less than we were made for.  Never let anyone who gave up on their dreams sell you out of going for yours! Life is TOO SHORT to not use your gifts, and not follow your dreams. You must start today, choose to live and unleash the champion inside of you!  It’s time to be all that we were made to be. And we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Blessings and Love,

Marti Reed

Marti Reed