The BEAR Philosophy is a simple concept, but it’s not easy to follow.  My mentor told me that in life, we must have a BEAR philosophy in order to achieve the things we set our minds to.

You see, it starts with Belief.  Belief in yourself, belief in your team, belief in your goals and dreams and that one day they will come true no matter what obstacles, nay-sayers, trials or tribulations may come your way.  Your faith has to be unwavering and all consuming. Not everyone’s going to make it, but the cool part is, you can chose yourself… say “I pick me!” and you can make it happen.

The next step is to have enthusIASM.  I capitalize the I.A.S.M because that stands for “I am sold myself.” Anyone can have enthusiasm and excitement about a cause or a destination, but for enthusiasm to be genuine and contagious, you MUST be sold yourself to the cause.   For example, imagine you’re going out to eat at your favorite restaurant and you order your favorite meal that is just SO GOOD…you’re absolutely sold on it, right? Then you bring your friend to the restaurant and you’re like, “Hey…you GOTTA try this, it taste SO GOOD!” and they try it and they’re like “It’s alright.” You look at them like they’re crazy... you’re like, “what??? Just alright?  Are you kidding me? This stuff is AMAZING!!”  You almost get mad or offended because you are THAT sold on this food. That is how you need to be when it comes to your goals and dreams… the same way you are when your favorite meal is in front of you. ;-)

The next step is to let your belief and enthusiasm lead you to take ACTION.  You’ve heard this plenty of times but you can’t just talk about it, you have to be about it, and you can’t just be about it, you have to see about it. (I might have just made that last part up, but it sounds good to me).  Your actions must match your intentions. You must start making moves towards your goals and dreams; placing one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

After your belief gets you excited to take action, you will then see RESULTS.  Things will start to fall into place and you will progress towards your final destination smoother and smoother as time goes on. You’ll see the weight start to come off of your body and you’re finally fitting into those old jeans from high school.  You’ll see your grades start to improve for all my students out there.  Once you start seeing results, your belief window gets bigger, and the BEAR cycle starts all over again.

The BEAR philosophy is simple, but it’s easy not to do it.  My mentor says everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die (When I say die, I don’t mean physically die… I mean surrender one’s life to Christ and be born again through His salvation).   Everybody wants to be successful but no one wants to pay the price.  Most people do the BEAR philosophy backwards. They say show me the results, then I’ll take action, then I’ll get enthused, then I can believe. Imagine if you did that in school, “Hey professor, can you give me an A, then I’ll do my work, then I’ll be excited and I’ll believe I should take this class.” Imagine if you did that at the gym, “Give me a 6-pack first, then I’ll start exercising, then I’ll be enthusiastic and believe I should get this gym membership.”  Or if you did that in your sport—“Hey coach, give me some playing time. Then I’ll come to practice and work hard, be excited about working hard and then believe this is the right team for me.”  It doesn’t work that way. You are ultimately the one responsible for where you are and where you’re not. Stop measuring your results based on other people’s success or failure, and stop waiting on things to just happen for you.  Begin with belief, then have enthusiasm, take action and see the results! You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Blessings and Love,

Marti Reed

Marti Reed